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Looking For Best Quality Heavy Duty Rack Manufacturer & Supplier? We’re Here!

Nanjing EURASIA Storage Equipment Group Co., Ltd is one of the leading and largest professional heavy duty rack manufacturer and supplier in China. We are engaged in the planning, designing, manufacturing, installation, and consulting services of different styles of shelves.

Nanjing EURASIA develops the best quality heavy duty rack products for heavy industry machines. We work with the heavy duty rack manufacturer professional team who is responsible for creating the best quality racks and fulfill the customer requirements.

Our company has focused on top quality storage and logistics equipment. Today, we are one of the top providers of quality pallet racking and various other racking equipment like light-duty shelving, Drawer rack, medium duty shelving, push-back rack, drive-in rack, etc. With many years of hard work, we are now the trustworthy and biggest loyal heavy duty rack manufacturer in China.

Get Easy-To-Use Racks From The Renowned Heavy Duty Rack Manufacturer

Among many leading heavy duty rack manufacturers and suppliers already available in the market, we stand out because of our best quality and 24/7 customer care service. We produce and develop the multiple types of substantial duty racks for numerous purposes which you can easily use and mold according to your requirements and deliver it on time with a year guaranty.

Our professional sales team and research and development department can completely support your storage solution and design. We are aiming to provide competitive and space-utilization storage solutions throughout the globe.

Why purchase from heavy duty rack manufacturer?

The key features of our heavy duty racks include:

  • Our heavy-duty racks are durable because of its long-lasting functionality.
  • They have adjustable shelving and easily carry the heavy loads.
  • EURASIA heavy-duty racks are made from high-quality materials.
  • They are the best fit for the storage purpose of dies fixtures, jigs or any heavy materials.

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