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Shuttle rack is a semi-automated storage solution for the storage of various goods, which uses an automatic device for transportation and forklifting. By reciprocating this intelligent induction system, it can automatically memorize the origin position. This efficient device picks, transports and places the products by easy programming.

When we talk about the heavy racks, Nanjing Eurasia storage equipment group Co., Ltd is one of the leading shuttle racking manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been making the top-notch quality shuttle racks products, especially for heavy industries.

Eurasia believes that we develop high-quality products according to the customer and industry requirements and also provide the 24/7 customer care service. We take care of every single order and always try our best to deliver all our products in the best quality. As the prestigious shuttle racking manufacturer, we have a highly professional customer care and specialized team which helps us to develop the best products. We also provide the shuttle racks in wholesale prices and our products deliver globally.

What Makes The Shuttle Racks Of Shuttle Racking Manufacturer Famous In Heavy Industries?

The key features of the shuttle racking manufacturer which makes them incredible in heavy machine industries are:

  • Our shuttle racks are a high-density storage system that makes them incredible in industry.
  • The high productivity rate increased the inflows and outflows of goods.
  • Eurasia shuttle racks have higher capacity.
  • They reduce the operating costs of heavy lifting machines.
  • Shuttle racks decrease incidents and maintenance costs.
  • It is easily controlled from a single tablet.
  • Safe and easy to operate, through RFID and shuttle rack system, several benefits can be achieved.
  • Enterprise logistics and efficiency is improved.
  • The overall image of the enterprise is motivated.
  • The storage capacity is enhanced under the excessively limited area.
  • Customers seek a more intensive and accurate storage operation mode.

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